Friday, 15 June 2012

to be shore...

Nothing quite as good for the ol' inspiration as escaping exam revision and fleeing to the beach. Curt and I caught the warmest day to grab a Subway, stop at Poundland for a mat and some Rainbow Drops and catch some rays on Clacton beach. Wish I'd thought to bring a sketchbook along, as there were some lovely sights  lots of small fuzzy dogs and some rather questionable tattoos on display.


  1. The beach looks so nice! Its winter where i am at the moment, the second week and i am already looking forward to summer! Your blog is amazing, and i would happily follow you but i cant find the follow button, do you not have one or am i just being blind?


  2. Thank you so much, what a lovely comment :)! I'm just getting to grips with Blogger but I think I've fixed the problem by adding a Follower gadget :) Thankyou for noticing that or I wouldnt even have realised! :) xx