Saturday, 7 July 2012

velvet vans and chicken...


Meet my lovely boyfriend Curt. We spent Wednesday doing what we do best: eating lots of chicken. It was safe enough weather to wear my favourite shoes! I picked up these red velvet Vans on sale in an outlet store when visiting Florida over Christmas and they were such a crafty find. The only other place I've seen them is on Tumblr in a glorious petrol-blue shade but I imagine they would be trickier to wear with blue denim.
I know it annoys people when a cult product like Vans become trendy, but I find it kinda funny seeing them all over town. I can't afford to keep up with trends, and most of the time hunt for a quirky alternative instead, but if  trusty, smelly black-but-greying trainers are considered cool, even if only for a couple months, that's fine by me!


  1. Oh my, those velvet Vans really are perfectt

    1. Thankyou! Your blog is stunning! xo

  2. ooh i love the velvet vans! i've never seen them before, what a good holiday find!
    oh and wicked blog, followed :) x

  3. Velvet Vans? No way! Yeah I was the same when Converse came back in, I was glad because they were way cheaper (and a hundred times nicer!) than those Gucci loafer things everyone was wearing at the time xxx

  4. Loving your shoes a LOT!! I bought some black and pink ones when I was younger and then loads of other people had them so I didn't really wear them much in the end! Looks like you both had a good day :) xx